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Welcome to Valley High School

Empowering individual students as agents of their own
lifelong success since 1975
Valley is a safe space. It's a place where everyone belongs.

The adults here treat you like adults and hold you responsible for your actions which is an amazing thing because it prepares tou for your future and the next steps in your life.

Valley is a positive space full of unique students that are dedicated to their own success, and teachers that genuinely care.

Valley is a safe space that has provided me with everything I need in order to be successful in school.

Valley is the best school I have gone to because the teachers are here to help and not just give you a grade.

Valley feels like more of a second home to me. The school isn't crowded and my teachers actually know who I am.

Valley was most definitely a stepping stone to my path towards success!

Valley was the biggest blessing that I needed in my life.

Without Valley, I wouldn't have had a second chance at education nor the opportunity to to to Utah Valley University. I've been one of the best versions of myself because of Valley.

Valley helped me through my mental health problems; everyone there was my family. The staff all have hearts of gold. They were there for me through so much and I honestly couldn't be more grateful.

Valley actually helps students focus on what they need to graduate. Thank you Valley for helping me get where I am today!

Valley was a safe haven. I could talk to me teachers. They really cared for me and I always miss everyone I was with.

Without Valley I wouldn't be in college right now. I love that school so much!

Valley was the only reason I had a safe place and warm meals for 3 years of my life. Valley was more than just an education for me; Valley was my family for many years. I cannot thank the staff of Valley enough for helping me through the hardest years!

I loved Valley. Valley was the only reason I graduated back in '08. Valley treats their students with so much respect and compassion. Such a wonderful school.

Valley was the best thing that ever happened to me! Best staff and a wonderful environment. Biggest blessing anyone could ask for.

Love this school! You don't get the credit you deserve for the gift you give these kids. I will never be able to express my appreciation for your constant support and positive feedback you gave my son when he needed it the most.

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