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Welcome to Valley High School

Empowering individual students as agents of their own lifelong success since 1975
Valley teachers care about the students and treat us like adults
~ Ty Eaves (class of 2014)

Valley's laid back, different. The teachers are awesome!
~ Brandon Ludlow (class of 2014)

Valley's great! I can get things done. I actually want to go to school
~ John Boland (class of 2015)

The teachers ar Valley are AMAZING! They treat me like a friend. We're on the same team. ~ Malissa Knighton (class of 2016)

Valley High School is your second chance to succeed!
~ Shaylee Sponsler (class of 2015)

Valley is awesome! The teachers are amazing. It's the best school ever!
~ Sariah Sanders (class of 2014)

Valley made me feel more motivated about my life and the future
~ Kylee Dewolf (class of 2014)

Valley makes me ready for life, not relying on others, keeping on top of my own stuff
~ Marissa Morrow (class of 2014)

I've grown at Valley, becoming more independent, and learning how to be my own advocate ~ Samantha Milner (class of 2014)

I heard Valley was a school for kids who don't care. I now think it is a wonderful, second chance to succeed! ~ Savannah Simmons (class of 2015)

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