Attendance Policy
As Valley High is an alternative school, our students spend the minimum of time required in school. To balance that, we require the maximum from them on their attendance and engagement in their learning.

  • Students may only miss class for an extreme emergency.
  • For any absence, the student is required to contact his or her teachers directly (email or phone call).
  • Attendance is counted in each class separately. Students may only miss two times per individual class for any one quarter.
  • If a student misses class more than allowed, they will earn an NC, meaning No Credit, for that course. The student will have to retake that course again next quarter.
  • Students may no longer attend a class where an NC has been issued, but should continue to attend the rest of their classes.
  • Students must learn to make attending every class a priority if they want to remain a student at Valley High.

Updated 12/31/69

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