School-Community Council

Our School Community Counsel exists to help Valley High be the best possible environment for our students. Feel free to email any member with concerns. You may also call the school and ask for any administrator or counselor you feel comfortable talking to. We welcome your concerns and suggestions.

2018-19 SCC Members and Contact Email
Chair: Brandy Brinton Email:
Vice Chair: Nicole Castillo Email:
Parent Member: Pat Christianson Email:
Principal: Sharon Jensen Email:
Counselor: Val Painter Email:
Secretary: Sylvia Wilkinson Email:
Teacher: Tracy Castellanos Email:

Scheduled meetings for 2019-20 school year
(All meetings start at 6:00pm in the main office conference room)
Meeting Rules of Order

September 11th
November 20th
February 5th
March 25th

Valley High Lands Trust Plan

SCC Meeting Minutes 02-13-2019 SCC 18-19 Final Plan .
SCC Meeting Agenda 11-28-2018 Lands Trust Final Report 2018-19 .
SCC Meeting Minutes 09-12-2018 Lands Trust Final Report 2017-18 .
SCC Meeting Minutes 03-28-2018 Lands Trust Final Report 2016-17 .
SCC Meeting Minutes 02-07-2018 . .
SCC Meeting Minutes 11-29-2017 . .
SCC Meeting Minutes 09-13-2017 . .

Additional Lands Trust Information

School Lands Trust Program

Lands Trust Administration

Last Updated 01/06/20

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