Valley FAQs
  1. Do you have to live in the Jordan School District to attend Valley High School.
    ~You have to live in the Jordan School District or Canyons School District to attend Valley High School.

  2. What grade(s) do we allow to register at Valley High School
    ~Valley allows 11th and 12th graders, however we have been registering 10th graders on a trial basis 2nd semester to find out if 10th graders can be successful at Valley High.

  3. What are the hours for Valley High School?
    ~We have classes from 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM. Each student that registers at Valley will have a set time that they will attend each class. Classes run Monday and Wednesday, Tuesday and Thursday. Each class is 55 minutes long (see Valley's Schedule). There are no regular classes on Friday.

  4. Is there School busing to Valley High School?
    ~We have no district busing to Valley High, but UTA buses do come to Valley High School. You will have to get a schedule for times and places. For help, see our Transportation Page

  5. What is the cost to attend Valley High School?
    ~There is a one time registration fee of $25.00 that will need to be paid at the time the student meets with his or her counselor. The only other fee the student will need to pay is $35.00 for any makeup packets that the student needs (see your counselor).

  6. Does Valley have a packet program?
    ~The only packet program we have is our Home & Hospital program. The student meets one day a week with an assigned teacher who comes to the students home or meets them at a library that is close by. They are given a regular schedule and will be expected to complete each packet the teacher gives them. These students will need a Dr. letter indicating why they cannot attend regular classes, and how long they will be on the Home & Hospital Program.

  7. Is there a dress code?
    ~The dress code at Valley High School is the same throughout the Jordan District.

  8. What is the attendance policy at Valley High School?
    ~~Each student is allowed 2 absences per quarter. If the student misses a 3rd time, he or she could be dropped from that class. The only way the 3rd absence will be excused is if the student brings a Doctor’s note saying why the student missed school. Students need to email every teacher each day that they are absent with the reason why they will not be in school. Students may also call and leave voicemails for their teachers directly.

  9. How many students per class?
    ~We try to keep our classes small. There are 24 students per class each hour.

  10. Do we have a lunch room or lockers?
    ~We do have a lunch room and serves breakfast and lunch. We do not have lockers for the students.

  11. Do we have a yearbook and graduation ceremony?
    ~We do have a yearbook, however the pictures are taken 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters only. We do have a graduation where the students will receive a regular diploma when the student has met all graduation requirements.

  12. Valley High School records.
    ~Valley High School keeps a permanent record of all students that attend the school. Request a transcript

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